About CDN service

Let’s give a more detailed description of the CDN service from GShost.net. This service will be useful for everyone who needs to stream video, audio and any other content in large volume and using a huge network bandwidth.

More speed!

GShost.net offers you affordable tariff plans for the service with dedicated bandwidth and without traffic limits. This means that you can use multi-gigabit bandwidth at full power without having to worry about traffic consumption.

CDN for video — this service allows you to quickly and inexpensively organize video  streaming, online broadcasts, files or video sharing websites for a large audience of hundreds of thousands of visitors every day, when the requirements for high bandwidth are a priority.

Content portals — let’s distribute files faster and cheaper. Using the content delivery network from GShost.net, you will be able to effectively scale server resources, paying only those volume that you need.

By ordering the CDN service, you receive a described number of gates connected to the network, each one with dedicated network port and other parameters as it shown in the tariff plan. A standard approach when using such a network is to set up all gates in parallel by adding a service subdomain and corresponding A-records to the DNS. So your visitors will receive content from the network on this subdomain (for example, s1.domain.com). An alternative approach is to divide the network into several subnets with several service subdomains, which will allow you to proportionally increase disk space and reduce the bandwidth. You will be able to place only content on our network, and leave your website on a third-party server / hosting, or place the website also with us (at any chosen protected hosting tariff).

It is obvious that current offers on the server market with bandwidth more than 1 Gbps are not flexible enough, in most cases leading to inefficient cost spending by website administrators. So, almost all datacenters separately describes that your server with a 10 Gbps channel will have a significantly lower guaranteed level. There are a number of objective reasons for this condition. First of all, this is an unbalanced load distribution during the day. Forming tariff plans for the CDN service, we also kept in mind this fact, having carried out a number of additional studies within six months of test operation of the service by our customers. As it’s appears, even during peak hours, the available bandwidth capacity did not fall below 170% of the minimum guaranteed level. So the declared standard speed on our CDN service tariffs is a real bandwidth, without exaggeration.

Here is a small example: usually a server with a real 5 Gbps network port will cost you at various data centers at least $1000 per month, for which you will receive about 100 TB of traffic per month, which may not be enough. CDN offer from GShost.net can reduce your expenses by providing the same bandwidth capacity for $450 per month and without any traffic limits.

Please, see our tariff plans for the CDN service from GShost.net here.

Your website should work. Even during DDos attacks

Having good experience in providing secure hosting services since 2010, GShost.net also offers you a protection against DDoS attacks, which will help you not to worry about the threats from competitors and which you can connect optionally, at the right time and at a standard price.

Protection from DDoS attacks for the CDN service can be connected on demand and is charged based on the required protection bandwidth. For more detailed information about the CDN service and protection against attacks – please, contact us.

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