About us

About us

GShost.net hosting provider was founded in February 2010 with its memorable company slogan “Protecting Your Ideas” as secure and effective hosting service for the private online community. However, subsequently we decided to make it public, giving the same preferential terms for everyone. We position ourselves as a reliable hosting provider, and the most important thing for us is honest and kind relationships with our clients. As you can see from our pricing plans, our main goal is not to get as much profit as possible and since GShost.net was firstly intended only for our own web project it’s not only commercial by its nature.

What’s changed?

By becoming a public web project, GShost.net provides reliable and affordable hosting service, including very effective DDoS protection even for the high-traffic websites. Our servers are equipped with the comfortable ISPManager control panel and the ISP BillManager billing system. In addition, due to the special configuration of our servers, you don’t have to worry about the load speed of your websites.

We provide affordable and qualitative web hosting, which is based on effective Nginx+PHP/FPM-platform: for only $25/Month you get 10GB of disc storage, active protection against most common types of DDoS attacks for a single domain name, unlimited traffic and the possibility to place a few websites on our servers within a single GSD-1! (More info).

Based on our own experience of numerous and continuous attacks, we provide our customers with reliable protection against most common types of DDoS. All our pricing plans include full DDoS protection (which is enough in 95% of incidents), and in case of a massive DDoS attack, we are able to add even more resources to effectively repel it. Unlike the most of the web-hosting providers, we don’t block websites because of DDoS-attacks. Instead of that, we provide our services for its reflection in the shortest time and at a fairly low price. We protect projects of almost any size, which are attacked by DDoS of different intensity.

Analyzing the market of web services, you’ll easily find a significant imbalance in all existing solutions for DDoS protection. On the one hand, there is a plenty of powerful and incredibly expensive security web projects, but on the other hand, there are many small websites that are regularly being attacked and can’t afford such an expensive protection. So, our service is aimed to provide protection exactly to this market segment and if your website is under DDoS attack, we are always ready to help you at a really low price. Moreover, we also provide a free protection test to determine the real power of the attack, which is very useful to ensure the most effective website functioning.

Why we have cheaper prices?

The GShost’s protection system is based on leased security gateways in the best selected European, American and Asian datacenters, which are way cheaper and much more effective compared to the same equipment in many other datacenters. After much research and using our own elaborations, we are glad to present you the most optimal solution for DDoS protection, which provides very effective service at a reasonable price.

Today we are still a pilot project. Our support team it’s a like-minded people, who are interested in information security and have good experience in administration of large web-based projects. The average delay in responding to our customer’s standard inquiries is less than 24 hours and in case of an urgent request, we do our best to respond as quickly as possible. Such an approach allows us to maintain the most reasonable prices for all our services.

The innovative web platform as a brand new approach to a web hosting service!

Instead of Apache2 web server, our equipment uses Nginx+PHP-based platform and due to this GShost.net can easily handle high traffic web projects within standard pricing plans. We provide more than enough resources for effective and stable functioning of your websites.

The Apache HTTP Server is such a widely used software, so why do we have to give it up?

With no traffic load, the usual protection system based on Apache2 web server is good and probably even faster than Nginx. Nevertheless, when the traffic load gets higher, nothing can be compared to incredibly fast and effective Nginx web server. Numerous studies have confirmed all the advantages of Nginx+PHP-FPM protection system and with no doubt, our platform is indispensable for the high loaded and frequently attacked websites.

OK, but there is another problem. All the .htaccess files does not work without the Apache2 web server, so how can I restrict the access to my mailboxes, set my passwords, and so on?

We will be happy to help you and will rewrite your htaccess-file to the Nginx format on request.

Imagine that some of the websites, that are located on your servers, are under DDoS attack. How will this affect the functioning of my website?

One of the most significant advantages of the Nginx+PHP-FPM platform is its flexible resource allocation system. This means that temporary problems with a single website do not affect the work of the others. In addition, each our tariff plan includes the traffic filter which uses a special security gateway. This significantly increases client independence and autonomy during the massive DDoS attacks. Active protection blocks all the attackers within a few minutes (in the case of HTTP-flood attack) and in case of UDP/TCP- or SYN-flooding, our protection system will automatically enable hardware packet filtering.

In order to provide the maximum quality of the hosting service, we are using reliable equipment, located in the best European, American and Asian datacenters. All our servers are equipped with the comfortable ISPManager control panel and the ISP BillManager billing system, which makes them very effective and easy to use.

You can find solutions to some common problems and the answers to the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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