DDoS protection for Lineage 2 game servers offers you a service to protect the Lineage 2 game servers from DDoS attacks of various types and intensity (up to 500 Gbps).

You can find our tariffs for this service here – Remote DDoS protection. Working with us, you can protect La2 gaming server from any kind of DDoS attacks fast and inexpensively.

Usually, you can follow this few simple steps to connect our protection for Lineage 2 servers:

1. Contact us;

2. Provide us with all necessary information regarding your gaming server, IP address, used ports, etc;

3. Allocating a protected IP address to the client on the network, to which Lineage2 gaming traffic should be directed.

Given the high competition among game server administrators and the general popularity of Lineage 2, such a service is in demand – after all, anyone can organize an attack for little money, for this you do not need to have special knowledge, unfortunately.

Most often Lineage 2 servers and associated software use TCP ports: 2106, 7777, 9014, 80, 443, 17453.

Wherever you host your game server (server rental in the datacenter, home PC) – it is important to get a new IP before connecting the protection so that attackers can not perform a direct attack. The new IP should only be reported to us – do not use it on the DNS and / or elsewhere so that it is not known to the attacker.


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