Discounts and bonuses for our partners

We are happy to offer discounts on services for interesting websites and forums that are ready to host our advertising. By placing ads of, you can get a discount up to 50% monthly. The size of the discount is determined in each case individually, and depends on the quality and popularity of the project, the type and position of the posted advertising materials.

In addition, you can offer services to friends and acquaintances – bring new clients to us, and we will refund to you up to 25% of all funds that they will spend for our services, constantly, as long as you are our client (monthly payments to the balance of your billing account)! The size of the bonus depends on the tariff plan and type of service.

For example, if you bring a friend who also becomes our client and will use the tariff plan for protection from DDoS GSP-2 ($45), you will receive 20% of all his payments for the service, $9 per month. The number of clients you can bring is not limited.

Both proposals apply to DDoS protected hosting services (GSD tariff group) and remote protection from DDoS (GSP tariff group).

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